Teachers Act Up!

Thoughts on Teaching, Language, and Social Change from Melisa "Misha" Cahnmann-Taylor


October 29, 2020

11am, CTC Writes Virtual Literary Festival

4pm EST, Fulbright Ambassador Talk, University of New Mexico Honors Program

March, 2021

American Writing Programs Presentation

TESOL International Workshop and Presentation.

More Than Fun & Games: Drama in the L2 Classroom

Dr. Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor

& Kathleen McGovern

Teachers are trained to take full advantage of the wide range of theatre activities available to enhance L2 instruction for fluency, accuracy, and agency.  Participants learn by doing and receive clear written instructions to take home and use the next day in their classrooms.

REGISTER by February 3rd for REDUCED RATES: https://www.tesol.org/convention-2020/ticketed-events/preconvention-institutes/pci-schedule-monday-30-march

9am – 4pm


11/6/17 Spotlight on the Arts in Language Education

Creativity, Comedy, & Communicative Input in the Foreign Language Classroom

Aderhold 317, 630pm


Poetry Readings

2020 June – Looking forward to an invited speaking engagement in Ontario at Guelph University!

2019 included poetry and scholartistry work in Atlanta, Monroe, Vancouver and many other locations.


University of Tennessee, Memphis

Reading Tuesday, 10/24, 6 pm, 456 Patterson Hall
“Writing the Not Me” workshop with graduate students, 10/25
Shaheen Symposium discussant, 10/26


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