Teachers Act Up!

Thoughts on Teaching, Language, and Social Change from Melisa "Misha" Cahnmann-Taylor



Cahnmann-Taylor, M. & McGovern, K. (2021, Feb).  Enlivening education with drama & improv: A guide for second and foreign language teachers [Foreword, Ryuko Kubota; Afterword, Shirley Bryce Heath]. London: Routledge.

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Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2016).  Imperfect Tense.  Los Angeles: Whitepoint Press.   Press buzz.  Amazon.



Amazon.com reviews

Many reviews.

Language and Education review

Cahnmann-Taylor, M., & Souto-Manning, M.. (2010). Teachers act up! Creating multicultural learning communities through theatre. NYC: Teachers College Press.


Cahnmann-Taylor, M. & Siegesmund, R. (2008).  Arts-based research in education: foundations for practice.  London: Routledge.



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