Teachers Act Up!

Thoughts on Teaching, Language, and Social Change from Melisa "Misha" Cahnmann-Taylor


See Misha’s Poetrycast featuring readings with Anne Waldman, Jericho Brown, Alice Friman, Judith Ortiz Cofer, Stephen Corey and many other fabulous poetry friends. Youtube playlist.

Poetry (underlined titles are often linked to pdfs)

Cahnman-Taylor, M. (2018, September). Poetry Reading, Writer’s House Philadelphia English Journal.

Cahnman-Taylor, M. (2018, September). Sentence Diagram Dolor . English Journal.

Cahnmann-Taylor M. (2018) “-er or White Flight Justification Song,” TAYO literary Magazine. V. 7 http://www.tayoliterarymag.com/tayo-issue-seven

Cahnmann-Taylor M. (2018) “Eight a.m., January 20, 2017” in the Seventh Annual Issue of TAYO Literary Magazine. V7. http://www.tayoliterarymag.com/tayo-issue-seven

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2018). Dear Republican Boy and Your Boyfriend Who Sat with Us at the Comedy Show in DC. Bayou Literary Magazine, issue 68.

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (In Press/2018) Umami. Bayou Literary Magazine, issue 68.

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2017). “Eleven Ways an American Family Looks at Mexico City, 2017..” Retrieved July 2017 < https://www.ragqueenperiodical.com/single-post/2017/07/13/Two-Poems-by-Melisa-Cahnmann-Taylor&gt;

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2017). “Villanelle, Guanajuato Mexico.” Rag Queen Periodical. Retrieved July 2017 < https://www.ragqueenperiodical.com/single-post/2017/07/13/Two-Poems-by-Melisa-Cahnmann-Taylor&gt;

Cahnmannn-Taylor, M. (2017).  Someone killed the welwitschia.     http://poetrypill.blogspot.com/p/submission-policy.html

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2017). Twister (27-28). Barrow Street.

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2017). Majority of Americans Say Race Relations are Getting Worse (29). Barrow Street.

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2017). Frijolero Ex-Pats. In P. Kahn (Ed)., The Golden Shovel Anthology. University of Arkansas Press.

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2016). Imperfect Tense: An Ethnodrama of American Adults Learning Spanish in Mexico (a play). Reunion: The Dallas Review, 6 (1). [A Play]

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2016). Twister (27-28). Barrow Street.

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2016). Majority of Americans Say Race Relations are Getting Worse (29. Barrow Street.

Cahnmann-Taylor (2014). Lesson in Modal VerbsMom Egg, V12, p. 38.

Cahnmann-Taylor (2014) You Receive A Present From Someone You Haven’t Seen In A Long Time.  Who’s It From? What’s Inside? New Verse Daily, October 15, 2014.  *Nominated by editor James Penha for a Pushcart Press Prize, November 3, 2014.

Cahnmann-Taylor (Spring/Summer 2013) “A Taste of War, June 2006.” North Dakota Quarterly. Vol. 78 Issue 2/3.

Cahnmann-Taylor (Spring/Summer 2013) Dragon Fruit. North Dakota Quarterly. Vol. 78 Issue 2/3, p81

Cahnmann-Taylor (Spring/Summer 2013) Undocumented Youth March for In-State Tuition. North Dakota Quarterly.Vol. 78 Issue 2/3

Cahnmann-Taylor (Spring/Summer 2013) Dead Sea Vacation. North Dakota Quarterly. Vol. 78 Issue 2/3

Cahnmann-Taylor (Spring/Summer 2013) 1971 Traveler’s Guide to Jewish Landmarks of Europe. North Dakota Quarterly.

Cahnmann-Taylor (Spring/Summer 2013) Two Moons over Tel Aviv. North Dakota Quarterly.

Cahnmann-Taylor (Spring/Summer 2013) Woman Shows Me Where We are in the Service (reprint requested). North Dakota Quarterly. Vol. 78 Issue 2/3

Cahnmann-Taylor (Spring/Summer 2013) Kuo’s First Attempt. North Dakota Quarterly. Vol. 78 Issue 2/3

Cahnmann-Taylor (2013) Woman Shows Me Where We are in the Service (Finalist selected by Gerald Stern in the Jewish Currents Poetry Prize).  In L. Bush & G. Primack (Eds.), The American Dream: A Jewish Currents Anthology (p.#). Accord, NY: Blue Thread Communications.

Cahnmann-Taylor (2013) Goldkist Poultry Plant. Southern Poetry Anthology.

Cahnmann-Taylor (2013) In the Name of God. Southern Poetry Anthology.

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2013). “Georgia Horizontal.”  Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review.

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2013). “Goldkist Poultry, Athens, Georgia” and “In the Name of God” In W.  Wright & P. Ruffin (Eds.).  The Southern Poetry Anthology, Volume V: Georgia.

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2012).  Poet to the Rejecting Editor: On Sentiment. Mom Egg, V10.

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2012).  Scientists Work on ‘Trauma Pill’ to Erase Bad Memories. Damselfly Press–Released July 15 2012 with audio, issue 20.

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2012).  Feminine Ending.  Cortland Review, issue 55.

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2012). Sixteen. In R. G. Van Cleave (Ed.) City of Big Shoulders: An Anthology of Chicago Poetry (p. 15). Iowa City: University of Iowa Press.

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2012). “My Brother Who Doesn’t Speak to Our Mother Comes to Visit.Calyx Magazine, 27 (1) 33.

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2012). “After Reading a Letter from the Addict”. Calyx Magazine, 27 (1) 32..

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2012).  “In the Name of God” published in D. Krieger & P. Longo (Eds.), Never Enough Flowers: The Poetry of Peace. Create Space Press.

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2010, April). After the UPS Man Shouted Feed Your Baby At Home Through His Truck Window.  Split this Rock Poem of the Week.

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2010).  Teaching Poetry in Georgia Schools.  English Journal, 100 (2), 109.

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2010). Recalls(p. 130). In Marlow Peerse Weaver (Ed.) In our own words: Stories, essays, lyrics & verse from a Generation defining itself, Cary, NC: MW Enterprises.

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2010). Goldkist Poultry Plant, Athens Georgia. Pilgrimmage Magazine, 35 (3), 113.

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2010). A Taste of War. Pilgrimmage Magazine, 35 (3), 112.

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2010). The Cantor in Drag on Yom Kippur. Women’s Review of Books.

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2010). Workshop Advice: Take the Guru Out. Women’s Review of Books.

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2009). Mother Less, Mother More. Literary Mama.

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2009). Recalls Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard. Cream City Review 32(1), 2.

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2009). Krakow. Kritya. April 2009 Issue.

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2009). My brother who doesn’t speak to my mother comes to visit.  Java Monkey Speaks.

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2008). DesPlaines, Illinois 1978.  Alaska Quarterly Review, 25 (3, 4), p. 215.

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2008). I Dreamt Mung Bean.  The Cortland Review, 39.

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2008). Mothers’ Apologia.  Dirty Napkin 1(4).

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2008). Sleeping Conditions.  The Mom Egg, p. 34.

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2008). How Suffering Goes. The Best of the Bellevue Literary Review, 131.

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2007/8). In Silence.  Rio Grande Review, 30, p. 12.

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2007/8). Teaching Poetry in Georgia Schools. Rio Grande Review.

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2007). She Wanted Him to Arrive Like A London Train.  Barrow Street.

Cahnmann-Taylor, M.  (2007).  Animal Moments. White Ink.  Demeter Press.

Cahnmann, M.  (2006).  Festival Cervantino.  Anthropology & Humanism. 31 (1), 83.

Cahnmann, M.  (2006).  Ghetto Teachers’ Apology.  Anthropology & Humanism. 31 (1), 83-4.

Cahnmann, M. (2006).Inheritance. Java Monkey Speaks: A Poetry Anthology, 2, 16.

Cahnmann, M.  (2006). Language Lessons.  Journal of Latinos and Education, 5 (1), 75-6.

Cahnmann, M. (2005).  How suffering goes.  Bellevue Literary Review, 5 (2), 128-9.

Cahnmann, M. (2004). Ladies Night. Puerto del Sol, 39 (1), 8-9.

Cahnmann, M. (2004). Inheritance. The Sow’s Ear Poetry Review, 14 (2), 15.

Cahnmann, M.  (2005).  After reading a letter from my mother.  Bellevue Literary Review, 5 (2), 128-9.

Cahnmann, M.  (2003).  American defense.  Anthropology & Humanism, 28 (2), 206-7.

Cahnmann, M. (2003).Danger Signs and Their Red Ribbons. Squaw Valley Review, 35.

Cahnmann, M. (2003). Woman Shows Me Where We Are in the Service. Squaw Valley Review, 36.

Cahnmann, M. (2002). Mother. Red Rock Review, 11, 21.

Cahnmann, M. (2002). Make Believe. Red Rock Review, 11, 19-20.

Cahnmann, M. (2001). Inspiration. The Squaw Review, 6, 4.

Cahnmann, M. (2001). Even Then. The Laurel Review, 35 (2), 76.

Cahnmann, M. (2001). Fathering. The American Poetry Review, 30 (6), 50.

Cahnmann, M. (2000/1). Driving Through North Philly. Quarterly West, 51, 98-9.

Cahnmann, M. (2000). Advice Barrow Street, 45.

Cahnmann, M. (2000). What You Are. River City, 20 (2), 106.

Cahnmann, M. (1998). Photograph. Bridges: A Journal for Jewish Feminists and our Friends, 7 (2), 68.

Cahnmann, M. (1996). Garage Sale Poetry. Writing for our Lives, 5 (2), 6-7.

Cahnmann, M. (1995/6).I’m Not Sure I’m Ready for a Cat. The SAACTE Journal, 13 (1), 33-5.

Poetry Podcasts & Readings Online:

Cahnmann-Taylor, M. in collaboration with Ron Braxley. (ongoing).  Misha’s Poetry Podcast.http://podcasting.gcsu.edu/4DCGI/Podcasting/UGA/Episodes/15264/17322.mp3

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Reading for the Georgia Review

Kelly Writers House, University of Pennsylvania

Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Prize Feature

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