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Misha’s Doctoral Students: Past, Present, & Future

I couldn’t be more proud of having the opportunity to work with these incredible, insightful, and kind people through their Ph.D. process.  I look forward to adding more alum to this list of completed doctoral advisees of past, present, and future!

FUTURE Doctoral Students….YOU?

CURRENT Doctoral Students:

Sharon Nuruddin, <http://uga.academia.edu/SharonNuruddin&gt;

Viviane Alves, <https://uga.academia.edu/VivianeKlein&gt;

Kathleen McGovern, <https://arts.uga.edu/4minutes33seconds/&gt;

Yixuan Wang, <https://www.redandblack.com/opinion/opinion-students-should-open-dialogues-about-race-to-mitigate-asian/article_99655c2c-ab83-11e8-9b12-433c0d4a0cb0.html&gt;

Wei Yi Lee

Saurabh Anand, <https://www.linkedin.com/in/saurabhanand04111992&gt;

ALUM: 2010-2021

2020-2021 Dr. Kuo Zhang, dissertation title: “LEARNING THE “LANGUAGE” OF MOTHERHOOD AS INTERNATIONAL GRADUATE STUDENTS: A POETIC ETHNOGRAPHY.” Western Colorado University Department of Education, Lecturer.

2020 Dr. Rhia Kilpatrick Moreno, Assistant Professor Augusta State University Department of Advanced Studies.  Dissertation title, “More than Meatballs and Wine: Shaping a Critical Study Abroad Engagement through Arts-Based Pedagogies.”

2020 Dr. James Coda dissertation title, “Oh, This Language is Really Gendered”: LGBQ Spanish Teachers Upend Gender and Sexuality Norms in the Classroom.”

2018, Dr. Michelle [Susan Moore] Thorne dissertation: #SCHOOLED!: Understanding teaching and learning through ethnotheatre. She is a Theatre Director and Educator at Heritage High School in Rockdale County Georgia. An article featuring her excellence can be read here.  Email: Michelle Thorne – Heritage High <mthorne@rockdale.k12.ga.us>

2016 Dr. Yohan Hwang, dissertation title, “Poetic Habits of Mind in TESOL Teacher Preparation”.  2020 he is Assistant Professor, Department of British and American Language and Culture at Jeonju University. One of his incredible poems, “10 pounds of love” can be found here.

2014 Stephanie Abraham, dissertation title, “Nepantla In Georgia And Oaxaca: Using Critical Discourse Analysis And Linguistic Ethnography To Understand Multilingual And Multiltierate Pedagogies In Elementary Classrooms.  Associate Professor in the College of Education at Rowan University and can be found here.

2011 Erica [Vasconcelos] França completed her dissertation titled  “From ‘I Am’ To ‘We Could Be’: Teaching, Learning, And Doing Research Dialogically In Esol Teacher Education” which can be accessed here.  She currently works for the Brazilian government and resides in Brasilia, Brazil.

2010 Jennifer Wooten completed her award-winning dissertation titled “Cultural Drag: Theorizing the Performances of Non-Native Spanish Teachers’ Linguistic and Cultural Identities.”  Jennifer is a Clinical Assistant Professor in Education at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and can be found here.

2010 Dell Perry Giles completed her dissertation titled “Unchartered” Territory: AN Autoethnographic Perspective on Establishing Georgia’s First Public Two-Way Immersion School” which can be accessed here.  Since receiving her doctorate, she successfully opened and ran the Unidos school in Clayton Country 2010-2014.  Currently, she resides with her family in Texas.

2010 Greg McClure completed his dissertation titled “Beyond Collaboration: A Case Study of Coteaching for English Language
Learners.”  Greg is an Assistant Professor in the Reich College of Education at Appalachian State University and can be found here.

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