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Thoughts on Teaching, Language, and Social Change from Melisa "Misha" Cahnmann-Taylor

Theatre for Best Practice with English Language Learners

Join Dr. Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor for a one-day workshop in theatre games to enhance English Language Learners’ (ELLs) academic achievement and motivation. No theatre experience required. Through hands-on interactive activities and lessons geared to specific grade levels and language proficiencies, teachers develop the knowledge and skills to implement drama strategies for second language acquisition in the TESOL and foreign language classroom as well as in general language arts classrooms to promote dynamic, multicultural communication strategies for all. Participants will come away with theatre strategies to accomplish academic and social goals to:

• Integrate ELLs into heterogeneous classrooms and school environments

• Build ELL students’ confidence with language

• Increase comprehension

• Inspire a desire to learn

• Promote multicultural advocacy and efficacy for all

• Create a supportive and fun language learning atmosphere

The workshops builds from Dr. Cahnmann-Taylor’s book, Teachers Act Up! Creating Multicultural Learning Communities through Theatre (Teachers College Press, 2010). All participants will receive a copy of this book as well as a certificate of completion.

Please contact Misha if you would like to schedule a workshop at your school site or if you are interested in future workshops on these topics! cahnmann@uga.edu

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Participants at the University of South Florida – Sarasota-Manatee:

“In my doctoral program at UNH, I worked with Dr. Paula Salvio (who worked with Madeline Grumet). She brought her knowledge of theatre, critical ethnography, and critical pedagogy to those of us in her classes.  Friday, I felt I was back with the feel and power of this realm of understanding, which had faded from my daily life.  I so very much appreciate that you brought it back in full and living color and re-grounded me. Many thanks!”–G.Pat, COE-USFSM

“Melisa- thanks for the excellent event.  Faculty are still buzzing.” Terry A. Osborn, Dean of the College of Education

Participants’ Comments:

“Thank you for a fun but educational day! It was great to try things out –much easier to recall later! I loved your passion and enthusiasm!”

“I was able to “do” theatre games and see how to change them in our classrooms to fit. I see the way I can make this my own.”

“I feel encouraged to play more and more games–I will use them in my classroom and share the discussions we had with colleagues back home.”

“I thought Misha did a great job letting us become a part of the experience.  Thanks!!!”

“It was a great, very high energy, active workshop.  It would be great to have this course offered again for two days!”

“Overall, this was a great experience and I would recommend it to others!”

“Personally, I was dreading a long workshop, but I had a lot of fun and it was so informative!”

Past Workshops:

Time: 9:30 – 4:30

Date: October 14, 2011

Location: Georgia Center for Continuing Education – Athens, GA

Cost: $200;



Latest creative work with Chinese-English TESOL students and poetry:

Poetry Ethics ConferenceMCT

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