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Spanish Workshops

Facilitator, Misha Cahnmann-Taylor, with Clarke County Teachers

Spanish for Non-Spanish Speakers: What Every Georgia Educator Should Know

This one-day workshop is designed to enhance a teacher’s ability to understand and to work effectively with Spanish-speaking students and their families. No prior knowledge of Spanish is necessary. Workshop topics may include: greetings (more than just saying hola!); family customs and how they can relate to welcoming school and classroom environments; Mexican celebrations and holidays, language learning games, reading children’s literature in Spanish for adult language learning, and working with translation. Participants will:

• Take away key Spanish language and cultural knowledge for use in the classroom

• Apply knowledge about second language learning to classroom instruction

• Acquire strategic Spanish language abilities to nurture meaningful relationships with Latino students and their families

• Learn how to find and use materials in Spanish for use in the English language classroom

• Become role models for ALL students by starting a lifelong language learning journey

All students will receive a certificate of completion.

Please contact Misha if you would like to schedule a workshop at your school site or if you are interested in future workshops on these topics! cahnmann@uga.edu

Upcoming workshops:

Time: 9:30 – 4:30

Dates: April 27, 2012

December 7, 2012

April 26, 2013

Location: Georgia Center for Continuing Education – Athens, GA

Cost: $250; Send 10 or more from your school and receive a discounted registration fee of $225 per person.

Contact: Melanie Baer – mbaer@uga.edu or 706-542-4556


Registration Deadline  – date to be announced.

Previously offered December 2, 2011!

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Positive Feedback from Past Participants:

I LOVED this workshop!!!!

Don’t change a thing—the workshop was super.

I loved how warm and friendly the three facilitators were. LOVED it!

I enjoyed all the different activities—the day flew by!

I enjoyed it very much! Lots of valuable information!

It was so valuable to be encouraged to use español in an authentic restaurant experience. The food was yummy! It was so different from what I expected!

This workshop goes beyond Spanish-only insight. I can connect my learning to other cultures too!

I would have to say every aspect of the workshop was helpful.

The teachers were so energetic!

Una Buena presentación—tres mujeres inteligentes y bonitas. ¡Me encantó! ¡Bravo!

Now I have a different perspective and understand how my students come in confused and lost. Learning Spanish language and culture opened up my eyes!

A lot of the Spanish was very difficult, but I see no way to make learning a new language “easy.”

All that we learned is so useful because I can use it immediately at school.

I plan to use material from the workshop with my students next week and I feel better now about communicating with parents.

This was an exceptional workshop which provided a variety of strategies for teaching Spanish. The strategies introduced were appropriate and enriching because it included multiple modalities for learning.

I take away an understanding of what Hispanic students feel like everyday.

Everything was valuable—all the interactive activities and great ideas to integrate Spanish in the classroom.

2 responses to “Spanish Workshops

  1. Roberta Fernandez January 27, 2012 at 5:15 am

    OJO! “Feliz Dias Festivos” should be “Felices Dias Festivos.” All nouns and adjectives should be in agreement in gender and number.


    • teachersactup-Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor January 27, 2012 at 8:04 pm

      Mil Gracias–now I want to hypercorrect and put accents everywhere!!!! What you write is true and important and I corrected my title right away. I hope it will inform a new blog post on mistakes, errors, and a U.S. fear of failure. One can’t be a language learner unless one is willing to make tons of mistakes, ¿verdad que sí? (right?!). More posts coming shortly! I hope we meet in Athens!


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