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May I ask you a personal question….

Dear friends, When I got married, I got loads of advice. I received beautiful wedding showers with little cards filled with wisdom and well wishes. I felt so supported and guided. I knew I had places to turn. When I had the first child–another album of wisdom. Just before the birth I was told to […]

Why I did not sign onto the Middle East Section Statement on Palestine

June 2, 2021 I post this message in response to the invitation and pressure for the Council on Anthropology & Education (CAE) to sign onto a statement by another section of the American Anthropological Association (AAA), the Middle East Section (MES). Their statement [http://mes.americananthro.org/mes-statement-on-palestine-updated-5-19-21/#_ftn1] is called the MES Statement on Palestine and has been signed […]

Book Birthday: Enlivening Instruction with Drama & Improv!

This book is just born, April 2021!! $23.96 now on Amazon and less if you attend AERA (AERA2021). If you use in a class, you can get an “instructor’s copy.” Teaching and Learning languages should be joyful and full of meaningful communication! Allow students make you laugh!!!! https://www.routledge.com/Enlivening-Instruction-with-Drama-and-Improv-A-Guide-for-Second-Language/Cahnmann-Taylor-McGovern/p/book/9780367862961 Book is also available in “ecopy” with […]


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I’m Dr. Melisa (Misha) Cahnmann-Taylor, Professor of Language and Literacy Education and rotating program chair of TESOL & World Language Education at the University of Georgia

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