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Another synagogue shooting & another poem

How To Eat Matzoh in Mixed Company

              ~April 28, 2019


Slip it

from plastic wrap like an Easter

present, or cover it in chocolate, cracked

like an egg. Starve for it,

drink to bear it with pickled

fish.  In soup, crushed to pulp,

or spread thin with pale

cheese, lox bandage

on top, read it: braile

message about the cost of becoming free.

Hold it as tasteless example,

lesson, shield & don’t stop

shattering a synagogue’s windows with your teeth.


Eat it

standing up or lying down or leaning to the left

on this wet and yeasty night so everyone

can hear it, so everyone knows you hate

to eat it, but you eat it year after year, singing.

One response to “Another synagogue shooting & another poem

  1. Nathan April 29, 2019 at 5:41 pm

    Hmmm that is good!


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