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Dear Editor, Dear Scholar, I’m so sorry

Dear editor of the book, the person who requested I write a chapter,

I haven’t forgotten you.

I keep remembering, like a bad dream where I’m late to work,

I’m locked out of my house, my kids have been sitting on the curb for days.

I remember you.  But I don’t quite remember enough.

I can piece together the request, but none of the key words

work in the search engine where I seek to find the whole invitation, again.

Yes, I did receive your emails, your reminders that the chapter was due, due soon, due now, past due,

so busy then and I put it into a folder, whose title

I forget and I can’t even remember what precisely I was to write about.

But please know you’re not the only one.  I’ve lost my way

in numerous cities, missed appointments, deadlines, airplanes, birthdays.

I sincerely don’t wish to disappoint.  I meant it then, when I said yes.

At the time, I really thought I could do it all.


*true story.  I really am sorry.


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