Teachers Act Up!

Thoughts on Teaching, Language, and Social Change from Melisa "Misha" Cahnmann-Taylor

-er or White Flight Justification Song [draft]


moreover bigger or oversizer, formerly earnest earner,

under arrest him ate him, e-race him, tear-er asunder commuter,

all burrs and tsk-tsk-ers, ergonomic errors in words, perverse

universes of his-es and hers-es, funeral service’s hesitant

compute or pardon me sir, er, murmurs preceding er, Mister?

used in place of a name we name or rename, a game of er not:

poorer, browner, blacker marker of either/or er? burned

by your-er voracious more-ers, not veracous turners

to universes of verses to aver, to declare spring, rooting

for truths, veracity digger to ver, Spanish infinitive “to see”

as in see, er, what I mean?

(thanks to my running partner this morning for airing these ers out)

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