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A Visit with The P.A.InT. Center in Sarasota, FL–Arts-Integrated Teacher Education!

Lucky me, I got to spend a day and a half 9/27-9/28 with the folks at the PAInT Center at USF-Sarasota.  Partnerships for Arts-Integrated Teaching (PAInT) is an initiative in the College of Education, designed to help students learn through arts integration in the classroom. 

Here is a link to more details about their vision to enhance all teachers’ access to the arts and some photos from our day of Theatre for Critical Multicultural Education (thanks Pat!).  The photos showcase our work using Boalian techniques of Forum Theatre and Rainbow of Desire.  We asked ourselves many challenging questions including: how do we approach teacher education with candidates (many of whom are in their early twenties) for licensure who hold onto to racist, homophobic, sexist or other discriminatory views? We engaged in what Terry Tempest Williams refers to as “sacred rage” and what Freire and Boal refer to as dialogic pedagogies.





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