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Poetry Events This Week in Athens! Highwire Lounge and The Globe!

We continue to celebrate poetry every night this week at The Globe, 7pm readings in a “Seat in the Shade”– a newly created series to coincide with the intensive poetry workshop I run this week with the smartest, most creative group of graduate students with whom I’d ever want to spend 12 hour days.

We have had thrilling beginnings  –Monday, Author of one of the best first books of poetry you could get your hands on: Ida Stewart and her new book, “Gloss.”

Last night we reveled in the incredible wisdom of poet/teacher/editor Ginger Murchinson–see her incredible magazine at www.cortlandreview.com/

Tonight we change our venue to 7pm at  The Highwire Lounge (behind the Trapeze bar on Hull Street).  We are lucky to have poet Ayodele Heath joining us.  He celebrates his first book, “Otherness,” performing his poems in ways that lift the words off the page and help them fly and connect to the audience.  Don’t miss this!

For a taste, check out http://www.ayospeaks.com/

Then join us back at The Globe on Thursday and Friday nights, 7pm; Thursday to hear the extraordinary Alice Friman–poems and a one of a kind craft talk.  Friday, join us for throngs of poetry and love! Our collective of students and their faculty (yours truly) will share our best work.  Because we are celebrating a poetry love fest, this will be a great event to connect to other lovers of letters.

Save ‘A Seat in the Shade!’

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